Just this week we were filmed for a promotional video for some Search Engine Optimisation training we will be running over the next few months. One of the questions we were asked and are so often asked by our clients is ‘what’s the next big thing? What should I be concentrating on’ and ‘where should my efforts be focused?’

As an agency we work with many different clients across lots of industries and we understand how difficult it is to find resources and time to do absolutely everything.  Here are our top tips right now that you really can not afford to be ignoring for your SEO improvements.

Google’s latest search engine algorithms focus more and more on content, which means there is less focus on individual keywords and more focus on whether or not the content is actually relevant to the keywords.

This means that as a site owner you should continue to generate high-quality content that uses appropriate keywords within it, but content that creates a relevancy to your overall target phrases.

The use of long-tail and conversational keyword phrases will grow in importance and you should place your effort towards engaging in a conversation with search engine users, building up content and pages that meet their needs of what they are searching for and the terms they are using to get there.

Google has always said that it feels responsive websites provide the best user experience, and recently started including a “mobile-friendly” notation next to websites in mobile search results that are indeed mobile friendly.

The importance of having a website that is mobile friendly is recognised by search engines and will stand it in good stead within the search positions in 2015.

Don’t forget that now mobile search has overtaken desktop search it is important for your site to be and remain mobile friendly.

Clean & Valuable Links
Inbound links to your website will always be one of the most important elements to your SEO strategies but the days of building links on irrelevant blogs and chasing large quantities of links are over. Earning a single link on a high-quality relevant website is now more valuable than ever. Links that are earned through good quality content or a genuine connection are the ones that will add true value to your SEO.

Social Signals
Search Engines have begun to recognise social signals to elevate in search results. Eventually, I would expect to see content and social signals integrated, with content of higher quality getting more social shares and thus rising higher in the search engine results.  The more popular and respected search engines view your website as by way of shares and likes the higher importance and therefore position it is likely to achieve in results.

If you would like to know more about any of the elements above or would just like a chat about how your current website stacks up to SEO principles get in touch today.