With the up and coming election in sight, Ventutec have been working hard on their latest web offering, a new website which matches individuals views against the votes of their MP and their local community.

YourDemocracy.org.uk, the brain child of John Hunter, aims to give more clarity between MPs and their voters.

The Your Democracy website checks the answers to questions posed to MPs in parliament over the last 4 years against all 650 MPs, giving the user the opportunity to see how their values match those of their MP.

John hopes to see the website play a key role amongst voters, proving an easy, accessible site for the public to put questions to their MPs and to understand if their MP has truly fought for their values and those of the wider constituency during this parliament.

Matt Lloyd, Ventutec Director said “We thought John’s idea was great.  We often don’t have enough visibility of our MP’s policies, what they are standing for and what that could mean to us as those living within the local constituency.  Your Democracy gives us as voters the power to find out more information, to match our views with those of our local MP’s.  The site will definitely allow us to make a better informed vote”


Your Democracy Website