Are you looking for some great marketing advice?

We often get questions from our clients about what they can do to improve their current marketing results.  It maybe that you are using social media but aren’t convinced that you are using it correctly or just what effect, if any it’s having on your success.  You may have heard lots of acronyms that you only vaguely understand and would like to know how these principles and techniques may benefit or compliment your existing efforts.

Knowledge Is Power

Whether you are choosing to manage your own social media, SEO or email campaigns or are outsourcing them, understanding why you are doing or paying for these activities is vital.  Sometimes businesses only do these things because they feel they ‘should be’.  We believe that every business should make an informed,   knowledge led decision.   To be able to do that you need to have an understanding of just how such elements could be contributing to your business and encouraging more customers.

It also maybe that you’ve run these campaigns for several months and feel your efforts are not rewarded.

That’s where our workshops can help you

Through our creative agency brand NinetyFive Creative we run several marketing based workshops, aimed at giving you the answers, knowledge and skills you need to run your own campaigns, make informed choices over others running your campaigns or to simply rejuvenate your current activities.

Forthcoming Workshops:

Social Media Workshop – 30th October 2013

Digital Marketing Workshop – 28th November 2013

Visit each link to find out the topics covered in each Workshop

Each workshop costs £50 (excl VAT) per delegate which includes a workbook and refreshments (tea, coffee and cake!).

To reserve your place please get in touch on 0845 259 1021 or via the contact form

Warm Welcome to Web Developer Dean

We would like to offer an extended welcome to Dean Quinney who joined the team this week.

Dean will be working as one of our very technical web developers.  Working to ensure your websites and mobile apps function seamlessly behind our creative designs.

Dean joins us from another agency where he has built up his web development experience,  having previously graduated from Swansea Metropolitan University.

In his own time Dean is a dab hand when it comes to video games but if he’s not coding or using a controller he can often be found on the badminton court.