Latest release of Crime Finder now available

Crime Finder is now available with the latest crime statistics for June 2011

Using the GPS, camera and compass on your phone, Crime Finder gives you a view of your surroundings in real-time whilst overlaying crime incidents for streets in England and Wales using a colourful key of icons.

Use our Crime Finder app to see just how safe your street, neighbourhood or local area really are?

Download the latest release now


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OH!Meter – The pulling power indicator gets mentioned on Wyvern Radio

This morning we were all very excited as Wyvern Radio tested out our Oh!Meter app live on air.

Tom Newitt, the host of the morning show between 10am and 1pm introduced OH!Meter as a great way to see how ‘hot’ you are looking before you head out for a night on the town.

Testing it out on pictures of Cameron Diaz, Enrique Iglesias and Wayne Rooney to see just how many Ohs! they each scored. Not surprisingly Cameron Diaz got 10 Ohs!!


Listen to the audio here:  Oh!Meter featured on Wyvern Radio

OH!Meter – The pulling power indicator

So, you think you are hot stuff?  It’s time to put your attractiveness to the test with our latest app the Oh!Meter.

Our new iPhone app, The Oh!Meter allows users to calculate just how attractive their face, or their friend’s faces truly are.

With modern, enhanced, high impact graphics, sounds and vibrations, based on a traditional Ohm meter, it’s never been as fun, insightful or down right nerve-racking  to watch as your results are delivered.

Give your confidence a boost or laugh about your uniqueness. The Oh!Meter is great fun in many situations, be it out with friends, measuring yourself against your boyfriend or girlfriend or simply to liven up a dull day in the office. The Oh!Meter is a fantastic way to break the ice and reveal your true attractiveness.

The app is extremely easy to use, simply upload a photo or take a new one, upload it into the Oh!Meter and wait whist the powerful technology analyses your face.

Think you have what it takes? Test it out with friends and see who can achieve the highest Ohs score with their beauty.

Brave enough?……………..Put it to the test now!

Oh!Meter is now available for download on the App Store