Ask The App

SELECT MODELS – representative of models including David Gandy and Agyness Deyn – has collaborated on the launch of the world’s first ever model scouting app. Model Potential allows users to take a picture of their face; upload their vital statistics, hair and eye colour, age and height; and within minutes your image will be in front of […]

Sorry HTML 5, mobile apps are used more than the web

Mobile applications are commanding more attention on smartphones than the web, highlighting the need for strong app stores on handset platforms. For the first time since Flurry, a mobile analytics firm, has been reporting engagement time of apps and web on smartphones, software is used on average for 81 minutes per day vs 74 minutes […]

iCloud Logo Infused With Golden Ratio

Apple’s logo artists have infused the iCloud logo with some mathematical elegance. In this case, the golden ratio or φ. The circles in the ‘puffs’ of the iCloud are sized in a ratio of 1:1.6, an approximation of golden ratio, as discovered by Australian designer Alan van Roemburg. It seems unlikely the proportion was unintentional; Apple’s […]