When imitation is the greatest form of flattery

It’s been a busy month or so since we launched the new website.
We’ve received lots of emails and comments from fellow web designers and web development companies, and have noticed a massive increase in traffic to our site.

Having looked deeper into our analytical data we have recently noticed something rather odd. It would seem that the following keywords have been generating a lot of traffic.

  • productos
  • alimenticios
  • santillana

A quick Google search and translation for the above, results in a website called http://www.alimentos-santillana.com/ or Santillana foodstuffs for its English translation.

Having looked through the site and inspected the source code it soon became obvious that many parts of the website where making use of our code, including graphics, JS and CSS files…

Even though we were thoroughly flattered and alimentos-santillana.com are no longer duplicating our visual look, we have politely informed them that our code is indeed ‘our code’ and not theirs.

More to come.